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A5 size SOLD OUT

Pocket Pink (soft leather feel) and hardcover pocket blue still available!

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New for 2022

Pocket size now in stylish pale pink with soft leather feel – or hard cover aqua blue. Larger A5 soft leather feel in either teal OR new pale pink! Also hard cover pocket blue. All diaries now MORE COLOUR throughout!

New Diary Resources

New monthly pages for workplace reflections and clinical educator resources . Language materials on over 50 languages now available free on this site! FREE LANGUAGE MATERIALS

Organised Nurse. Organised Life.

Weekly diary with tick boxes for shifts, monthly roster planners, ​year planners, calendar section, public holidays & school terms, CNE professional development record, ​incident diary, orientation checklist, ​useful contacts & resources.

Premium Design

Durable hard-cover books but soft leather feel, highest quality book-binding to open flat, convenient closing straps and pen holder (A5), page ribbon markers.

Medication Administration

Standard precautions, transmission based precautions, chain of infection, drug use assessment, infusion rates, ECG formula, drug calculations, common drug name stems, Immunisation & vaccination. (See contents for specific listings for pocket & A5)

Happy & Healthy Nurses

Self-care reminders, stress management strategies for nurses, being bullied at work, how to manage violent and aggressive behaviour.

More Helpful Resources

​Resuscitation, top 10 tips for dementia, mental state exam, ​common nursing abbreviations. (See contents page on this site for specific listings for pocket and A5 size diaries.)


Get your 2022 Nurse Diary

Pocket diary in pale pink soft leather feel  – or hard cover aqua blue
Larger A5 in soft leather feel in choice of pale pink or teal blue.
Pre-sale for 2022 diaries pending! Diaries to arrive October


“I just LOVE the new soft leather feel – nurses work so hard, they deserve a beautiful premium diary like this!”
“YOU GUYS! This is literally the sweetest diary ever! I usually buy a planner online every year but I don’t think I will ever not buy a @australiannursediary diary now! It is so handy, with a week to 2 pages (if that makes sense) so you can see the whole week ahead, there’s so many handy resources for nurses, especially if you are a student – this will be a game changer for me on placements! I cannot thank @australiannursediary enough for these gorgeous diaries! They are incredible!”
“Need to up your planning game? We all do. Planning things makes life so much easier. And the angels at @australiannursediary have the perfect diary to use. It’s nursing specific. Space to write in, tick your shift, reflection reminders, so much info at the start (I loved the ISOBAR and documentation reminders). There is a true beauty to handwriting. Ditch the phone calendar and get back to the paper.
“Australian Nurse Diary have once again created a beautiful diary made specifically for nurses, packed with materials and resources specific to our field of work which are so useful for students and graduates alike!”
@australiannursediary supply the best nursing diaries that I have come across! With new design that I’m loving! These planners packed with a heap of resources Such as weekly shift planner so you can keep track! iSoBAR hangovers, common abbreviations, common drugs, 52 language translations available on their website and so much more!! Available in A5 or pocket size.”
“I use my diary on a daily basis! For keeping up to date with bills, appointments and other important dates. (Like when newgrad results come out!!!) I also use it to write random sentences of what happened throughout the day so when I look back, I have memories to reflect on 😅
This one by @australiannursediary is perfect! So simple, minimal & it’s my favourite colour too! It’s packed with resources and guides which are useful for nurses in their practice!”
J (Sydney)
“Great diary. I Cannot fault it-it is perfect! Thanks for thinking of us nurses.”
Gab Baker

“I have been getting the Australian Nurse Dairy for three years now, going into my fourth and I love it! I have my whole life in this one little compact book that fits neatly into my handbag. And the protective cover puts an end to those rabbit ears that form over the year. Thank you for bringing out such a comprehensive diary that holds all the basics and so much more. I would be lost without it!”

Leanne Ayling

“I have just got back into nursing after being out of it for ten years and I was thinking wouldn’t it be great to have a diary, as with my poor memory and shifts being all over the place, I have already not been paid for a couple of shifts especially the penal rates. I went online to see if there was one out there and viola. Some one has done the job, well done.”


“Congratulations on the creation of such a fabulous work and social tool specifically for nurses. Thank you for helping me to have a more organised lifestyle as a shift worker.”

Dee Cox

“I absolutely love the nurse diary. it is wonderful to be able to put in shifts in the tick box and also in the monthly planner, it just makes it so easy to see.”

Leanne Moloney

“I brought myself one of these diaries last year and thought it was fantastic, the other nurses were a little jealous so this year I’ll buy a few more. Fantastic for the secret Santa we have. Fantastic idea.”

Joanne Cross

“One of my workmates has a nurses diary, and when I saw it, I really loved it! They are very innovative and convenient. I love how they are pocket size and have all the details that a busy nurse needs. Great work!!! (two thumbs up).”

Sarah Johnson

There’s a reason for the recent resurgence of paper diaries. Not only saving you time with all the essential information you need in one handy place instead of having to open multiple apps, but also because of the calming connection created between the mind and handwriting. Busy nurses feel more in control and retain information better with the efficiency of pen and paper.